Thursday, April 25, 2013


May is just about here and that means graduation is near. It is time to soak in the last minute get togethers with friends, free time between classes and last bits of freedom before moving back into your parents house. With all the festivities coming into full swing soon, take time to prepare and line up your outfits for each occasion. Preparing your outfits now will help you dive into the frenzy of last everythings gracefully. On graduation wear something that you know you will love when looking back in twenty years. With a lot of meets and greets that day, it is always safe to wear a white dress. White is a classic and timeless color. Four years went by so quickly - We have definitely enjoyed the ride, and we hope you did too. We did it seniors! Best of luck everyone xx

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Take A Risk With Vibrant Lips!

With spring finally here, brighter colors continue to emerge in fashion & beauty trends day-by-day. Not only are clothes getting more "spring-like" .. so are lipsticks! Bright color lips seem to be the hot new seasonal look .. Some colors may seem a bit strange to you to wear but you'll never truly know how cute a bright lipstick can complete an outfit & look until you try it out !! Take a risk .. colored lips are punchy, head turning, unique, and will give a nice little pop to your spring attire!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Who's To Say Showing Some Skin Is Too Flashy?!

As fashion trends continue to change, bandeaus/crop tops have been one of the new hottest trends !! The bandeau tops are great to wear during the spring and summer time. These hot tops can be worn to enhance your look whether it be casually during the day or a fancy night out .. There are plenty of ways to wear it which makes it even more fun & fabulous for us ladies! They go with almost any kind of high-waisted skirts, shorts and pants! Putting on a bandeau/crop top with the right outfit makes showing some skin incredibly cute - yet sexy !! 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sunny Days

Before you head off for a day out on the boat, we want to remind you to not forget to grab your sunnies! Protective eyewear is very important when going into battle with the high temperatures expected for this week. Sunglasses are the perfect touch to any outfit. These days, eyewear comes in just about any size, shape and color imaginable. Test out a couple of pairs before purchasing to make sure they are flattering to your face shape! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

High-Waisted Heaven

Continuing to feed our addiction to the warm weather approaching is high-waisted denim shorts! Denim is being completely revamped this season thanks to color, studs, and patterns. With endless varieties to choose from, these new exciting styles can transform your closets from boring to fabulous! Dyed denim is the perfect way to add a pop of color that your wardrobe desires. The multicolored shorts allows you to be able to wear them differently each time and really play with your style. Flawlessly fringed bottoms and embellished studs takes your jean shorts to the next level. These vintage-style shorts are a must-have this summer.

Who's Ready For Warm Weather?!

It's just about time to pack up your winter boots and sweaters, and to start unpacking your cool summer gear. Although we may still have a few cold days to bare, before you know it the sun will be blazing and bathing suit season will be here to stay - thankfully! A fun and exciting bathing suit trend is back for a recurring season: fringe! Designers have already launched their pieces for the anticipated summer season, and by the look of things boring is out & playful is in. As we all know, bathing suits can get extremely pricey these days, so our little secrete is to mix and match! Buy a few simple bottoms, and put your real focus towards finding eye-catching tops. The five adorable fringed tops above can all be worn with a simply detailed black bottom. This little tip will land you with a great selection of bathing suits to last you all summer long!

Day To Night

Finding the perfect outfit is a hard enough task in itself, so we wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to to find the perfect outfit that can seamlessly transition from day to night. With a few simple added adjustments your casual, fun day-time outfit can become your night out on the town outfit!

Day time Outfit: 
A flirty, flowing, high-wasted skirt is appropriate for any day time occasion such as class, errands, lunch, etc. With spring time finally here, a bright color is the best way to stand out and embrace the new season! Add a perfectly printed bandeau, such as the leopard one shown above, throw on your most comfortable over-sized sweater & your day-time look is almost complete. Accessorize with a simple, short gold necklace and gold bracelet, and lastly a pair of black flats!

Transition to night time:
Three items need to be left home and replaced before your night out: your over-sized sweater, your short gold necklace, and your black flats. Replace your  gold necklace, with a fun, long embellished necklace to dress up the look. Next, replace your black flats with a high pair of peep-toed heals and your night-time look is complete! Bring along a tight, black button-up sweater in case the night is chilly. As simple as that, your look is complete and you saved yourself a lot less stress and time.